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Wendy Addison

Wendy brings a unique perspective to integrity, which is rooted in her own personal experience of having secured justice in an eleven-year battle against corporate corruption in the case known as South Africa’s Enron, the biggest corporate disaster in South Africa’s history.


Since then, Wendy has maximised her experience through studying the Social psychology and Neuroscience of Decision making at Stanford University in addition to being accredited to train for Social Fitness™, a course developed over twenty-five years at Stanford by Professor Emeritus Philip Zimbardo and Dr Lynne Henderson Ph.D.


Wendy is at the cutting edge of behavioural change, currently exploring collaboration with the VEP team at UCL Law Faculty and the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University to develop Virtual Reality immersions for Courageous Conversations.


Wendy’s clients and engagements span the globe and range from speaking at TEDx Tokyo, providing training for the Council of Europe to addressing the needs and goals of companies such as BP and Mubadala in the UAE.

Wendy’s talks and training mechanisms are focused on three areas:


•Training for Courageous Conversations – cultures of candour and transparency reduce the risk of a whistleblower entering the scene.

•Training for Whistleblowing – understand your legal rights (employee and employer), build an effective internal process, behavioural insights that drive or prevent speaking up.

•International Speaker – inspirational and motivational

•Keynote Speaker and Lecturer –Business ethics and law, corporate governance, whistleblowing, organisational change and behaviour.


Wendy is a lecturer at Surrey University and Warwick Business School, is a contributing member of the UNCAC Coalition, the Corruption Research Group of the Surrey University  and sits on the advisory board of the Whistleblowing Research Unit which runs the International Whistleblowing Research Network at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom. She is also a Fellow of the RSA


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